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10 Startup News in 2017 That You didn’t Know!





Starting an online business is not exactly a walk in the park. There are multiple questions that scream for attention. How much money would you be needing to start a business? How would you deal with startup funding? How would you build your product? Who’s your target audience and what kind of strategies would you use to reach them? Having an idea for your startup is an easy part. Executing that idea, is where it gets interesting.

Are you planning to kick-start your own business? Don’t miss to grab this opportunity that we have for you. It’s well figured that the internet is spread around with a huge number of small businesses that render the perfect imitating outcome of booming website brands. As we’ve been talking about your innovative ideas and startups, don’t just sit tight and wait for the money to roll in.

Here are some astonishing news that will make you go ‘wow’!

Airbnb Clone in China Tujia Raises $300M

Tujia is taking its rivalry with Airbnb, by raising $300 million to intensify its focus on global markets. The investors seem buoyant that the Chinese market will grow as big as the U.S., allowing Tujia to be the next big thing in the market.

The funding was driven by online travel monster Ctrip — the Nasdaq firm that works in association with Tujia — and All-Stars Investment, with cooperation from China Renaissance’s New Economy Fund and G Street Capital. Strikingly, Glade Brook, who is an investor in Airbnb and also Uber, was engaged with the round, as well.

Tujia claims it has piled on 180 million downloads to date with “a few hundred thousand clients making booking request each day.” The organization said, as of now it covers 345 goals in China, and more than 1,000 abroad because of its association with Rakuten in Japan. Altogether, it asserts somewhere in the range of 650,000 postings. Airbnb doesn’t give numbers for China, yet overall it says it has four million postings crosswise over 65,000 urban areas.

Tujia has been occupied on M&A movement after it gobbled up a littler opponent Mayi in June. Airbnb had been connected with a China-based procurement of its own, however bits of gossip about an arrangement to purchase Xiaozhu never worked out as intended.

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Global Crowdfunding Market to Grow at 27% by 2020

It comes as no surprise that crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to appoint respective investors across the globe. A lot of the fundraising depends on campaigning. A smart marketing campaign increments the sum collected in funds. According to Technavio, The global crowdfunding market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 27% by 2020.

The fame and fast selection of crowdfunding have launched the market to an unheard of level in this region. Startup endeavors and independent ventures have dependably relied upon elective financing. Crowdfunding is famous in this region as it was constantly viewed as a client driven approach.

With the improving probability of achievement, the income expands, which additionally urges more financial freelancers to be a piece of crowdfunding. Talk about the money in the pocket, eh?

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Uber is Raising $10B from Softbank

Softbank has been negotiating with the investors of Uber (which is already a Decacorn) and its board about how good to invest billions in the ride hailing company. The deal’s been sealed in a whopping figure $10 billion, with $1 being raised directly and the other $9 by buying the existing shares.

Interesting: Uber Business Model and Analysis on its Unit Economics

The aggregate proprietorship by Softbank and Dragoneer is accepted to be 14 percent. In any case, the valuation at which these offers will be purchased is obscure. Uber’s present valuation is near $60 billion.

While Travis will not be able to retake his position of royalty and control as CEO, he will at present have noteworthy impact over the organization. As a feature of the governing body, Travis has the ability to select two additional seats; in any case, any further changes will require a dominant part endorsement from the board.

Masayoshi Son, CEO, Softbank, had even told the press that it won’t invest into Uber but rather could likewise take a gander at putting resources into it’s rival, Lyft. A few sources had additionally expressed that for the arrangement to experience, Softbank had consulted for lessening the forces of Founder and previous Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

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On Demand will be a $57B Market in 2018

In case, you haven’t paid any attention to the news, the on-demand economy is on the rise magnificently. According to BIA/Kelsey, the entire US transaction values of the on-demand economy increased from $22 billion in 2105 to $34 billion last year and its anticipated to reach $57 billion by the end of the year.

Three years prior, 76 organizations gave on demand services in only 6 ventures as indicated by Crowd Companies. The interest for on demand benefits is venturing into each industry, not just those that take into account recent college grads. In spite of the decrease in wander financing and the contracting pool of ventures that stay untouched by the on demand economy – it’s still amazingly a long way from achieving its maximum capacity and few debate that the on demand economy is changing business as we probably am aware it.

BIA/Kelsey gauges that the on demand economy will serve only 7% of its $758 billion US addressable market in 2017. In this way, essentially, there’s still a great deal of space for new businesses that give on demand benefits and a wide assortment of ventures holding up to be disturbed – at the same time, abusing that potential will turn out to be progressively troublesome with each passing day.

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Linkedin for X?

“Different networks for different types of people” is on the rise. Linkedin is the paramount professional social network. Some recent funding of companies that are called as “Linkedin for X”, are booming. ‘X’ here is an entity. You can choose your X – Professional network for doctors, farmers, tutors, sportspersons, beauticians etc.

Think about another region for experts: People with past military experience. RallyPoint is charged as “LinkedIn for the military” and as of late raised a $5.3 million round. By and by, they aren’t the main diversion around the local area, as new businesses like Hirepurpose are entering the shred. While LinkedIn has influenced commendable walks toward helping veterans in discovering business (to witness LinkedIn for Veterans), the development of these vertical systems addresses a market require.

At last, there’s a gathering of people where LinkedIn has attempted to discover product advertise fit throughout the years and it’s a major one: school kids. A prominent vertical system here is Piazza, which as of late raised a $8 million round from Khosla Ventures. Piazza now has about a million understudies utilizing its Quora-style Q&A stage and has extremely convincing engagement measurements.

The thought of an informal community for each kind of representative may be unrealistic, however, it’s not. Vertical networks are probably going to be the most alluring to exceptionally talented learning freelancers.

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Job Board for X?

Handshake, a job portal, concentrated on helping undergrads discover employments, simply brought $20 million up in new financing, drove by Spark Capital.

Online employment selecting is a market loaded with contenders like LinkedIn, Monster, and CareerBuilder. Be that as it may, Handshake, helped to establish by design Garrett Lord, is concentrating on a market that numerous bigger organizations have overlooked: colleges and schools.

Handshake’s software controls a marked enrolling site for colleges that enables understudies to transfer their coursework, resumes, transcripts, and different archives. Understudies can look and apply for occupations, message scouts, and access occasion postings.

As a site, Handshake resembles an adaptation of Facebook (FB, – 2.09%) made for work seeking, with a solitary sustain showing customized proposals of employments, substance, and occasions for every understudy. Understudies can take after specific managers to ensure they get any updates, occasions, or other substance from them. Understudies can likewise get to Handshake on their cell phones and get cautions when work postings are posted.

Online Job search site for niche market verticals such as Oil & Gas, services market, pharmacy – you choose your X

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B2B Marketplace will be Worth $6.7 Trillion in 2020

Business-to-business (B2B) internet retailing has been seeing solid development because of the quick relocation of Buyers and sellers from inheritance frameworks to open, online stages. As heritage frameworks include the utilization of electronic information exchange, which is costly and awkward to deal with, B2B startup business model will keep on moving towards omnipresent online stages that permit buyers and sellers from anyplace on the planet to execute products and enterprises easily. Indeed, the B2B online retail advertise is relied upon to achieve twofold the span of the business-to-buyer (B2C) online market, creating incomes of 6.7 trillion USD by 2020.

New investigation from Frost and Sullivan, Future of B2B Online Retailing, uncovers that B2B online deals will represent near 27 percent of aggregate assembling exchange, which is probably going to hit 25 trillion USD by 2020. Geologically, China and the United States will lead the B2B web based retailing market. The last is foreseen to twofold its income commitment to 1.2 billion USD by 2020.

As marketplace and cross-industry open stages, for example, Alibaba and Amazon wind up noticeably prevalent, B2B online connections are probably going to move from a one-to-many to many-to-numerous plan of action. Rather than a model where one organization contributes and fabricates an e-stage for its providers, the inclination will be for an answer in which anyone coordinates an e-acquirement process and encourages the buy of merchandise on the web.

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Global Freelance Market Size is $1.5 Trillion

The world is seeing a sensational increment in the quantity of temporary workers and freelancers, as laborers try to get away from the inflexible requests of the 9-5 professional workplace. The ascent of digitization, including components, for example, cell phone applications, online marketplace, and distributed computing, has made it less demanding for talented freelancers to take up autonomous profitable exercises, and make their own particular bespoke working environments. 41.9% of freelancers get their preparing from school and colleges, 43.8% are self-trained, while 13.4% earn on the activity.

For Freelance/Gig work, the numbers for Europe are 8.9 million Research likewise demonstrates that ”India’s autonomous workforce at 15 million. With respect to the United States, the Freelance Union “53 million” Report expresses that the quantity of freelancers in the USA remains at 53 million. This puts the aggregate number of formally identified independent freelancers universally in the locale of 77 million. As there is no other openly accessible information for different nations, this number reflects a level of the worldwide freelancer workforce.

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Tencent Tried to Buy Spotify Valued at $13

Spotify has for some time been connected with opening up to the world in the U.S. — it is conjectured to plan for an IPO-less posting one year from now — however it has developed that the organization repelled the chance to pitch to a noteworthy tech name prior this year: Tencent, the Chinese web goliath esteemed at $380 billion.

Tencent is said to have moved toward Spotify with a view to getting the organization to broaden its blossoming music business outside of China and Asia, a source with learning of talks told TechCrunch.

Spotify has risen as the best music gushing administration around the world, with more than 140 million dynamic clients and 60 million paying client. The 11-year-old organization is allegedly esteemed at $13 billion, its essential opponent is Apple, which propelled its administration years after the fact and keeps on playing catchup. Apple Music achieved 27 million paying clients this past June.

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There are 1.24 Billion Websites in the world

…and They Need a Marketplace to Buy and Sell

According to the research, there are 1.24 billion websites in the world. And they definitely need a marketplace for buying and selling.

All through history, marketplaces have been indispensable to groups. They are where buyers and sellers meet, where data is traded and connections are created.

Digital marketplace work in the very same route, with the exception of that groups normally share a zone of intrigue, as opposed to a geographic area.

Marketplace can likewise give buyers with a more prominent selection of items, expanded comfort and lower costs. Dealers, in the interim, can get to a significantly bigger gathering of potential clients without holding stock on the rack and they advantage from the specialized framework that the commercial center itself gives, for example, stock show and installment handling.

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This can be inferred from the above news that in 2017, VCs are well-funded, ready to spend and more centered on early stage startups. Do you want to get started with yours? At StartupGuru, from ideation to execution, we help you get started with your own business. As part of the startup and investor networks worldwide, we can also get you introduced to some of the angel and VC networks to help you get funded. Apply today to see if there is a fit.

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