How to Get Startup Funding?


How to Get Startup Funding?

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Starting any new thing may be difficult. Risk factors are there for each and every business. As you want a self-driven massive company, you need to go against the wind. In this scenario, you would face many challenges. And one of those challenges for you is how to get funding for your startup.

Funding can be needed at any phase of a startup like in the beginning, before executing anything or in the middle after when you have proven your idea.

Here are some ideas to raise the fund for your startup.

  • Fund yourself first

Investors are smart people, they won’t invest your business if you are not ready to invest in your venture. Everybody is interested in ROI of their money. So, if you invest in your business first then it would be assured them that your idea would work.

  • 3F (friends, family, and followers or fools? 😉)

This is the most trustworthy and open source for you. Beginners should go for these strategies. And you can have a valuation for your startup project because if your friends, family, and followers don’t believe you, you cannot look for outsiders.

  • Advance negotiation from customers

People will be willing to give you an advance on royalty payments for your idea and concept if they see value in your idea. This needs an agreement.

  • Online crowdfunding is available for you

Anyone with small to big idea can apply here for funding. An online site such as Kickstarter is available for you. Here people make online funding to your startup during a campaign, this includes pre-buy of your product for later delivery. People can donate you or make you qualified for a reward of any product/item.

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  • Grant from the government

Government funds the grant for startup which is intended to support new technology and important causes such as education, medicine and social requirements. This is really a good place to end up your search for funding. For example, Indian Government has started the project called “Startup India”, An award of financial assistance in the form of money by the federal government to an eligible grantee without an expectation that the funds will be paid back. The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Advanced Technology Program offers grants to co-fund “high-risk, high-payoff projects” that will benefit American industry.

  • The angel investor groups

You understand that you have to begin searching for your startup funding at this moment. And most metro-city have groups which are interested in supporting startups. If your startup network is not populated with the wealthy/rich businessman, you may want to consider reaching out on your own. At this time, Angel investors are the choice for you.

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  • Microfinance providers or NBFCs

Sometimes it happens that you are not qualified for bank loans because of some legal criteria. So, if you don’t have an access to banking loan service then, you have the options of Microfinance providers or NBFCs. The startup whose requirements are limited, and does not match with the legal definition of the bank or whose credit ratings are not favoured by a bank, can go for these options. They lend the money at an interest.

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If you are a beginner then “Fund your self first” or “3F” option can be good for you or you can go for “Advance negotiation from customers” option too but for that, you need to convenience your customers/clients to pay you prior to delivery.

“Grant from the government” is the good one. If you have any innovative and new idea with you which actually going to solve the problems of people’s lives, this option will be helpful for you.

If government loan is not available for you because of some legal criteria and if you have prototype or beta product ready, then you can for private investors. If you have alpha or beta product ready then “Advance negotiation from the customers” will also be easy for you.

How can NCrypted Technologies help to get your funding?

We can develop, help with the conceptualization of your product and we can get you funded from investors. We can start with the commercial ideas when you have a beta product ready. Get in touch with us for further steps you want to take. (The people who just have an idea and don’t want to take any initiative for this but just want funding should think twice before connecting.)

You need to take market opportunities for your startup and for that, you need fund from outside. So, these are the legal and easy ways of funding for startups. Share your reviews in a comment box.

Here is quick look out about How startup funding actually works

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