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Before investing in a startup, the main question investors ask is: what is the business’s worth? Deciding the valuation of a business before it has started and engendered revenue is, in reality, quite troublesome. Not at all like established business with incomes, resources and longer track records there is no settled upon guidelines for startups.

Valuation of a startup with little or no income is never straightforward and frequently one of the main purposes of conflict that must be consulted among investors and entrepreneurs. entrepreneurs need the incentive to be as high as it could be and investors need it sufficiently low with the goal that they possess a sensible part of the business for the money they contribute.

If you are valuating your startup business, here are 3 easy ways that can be helpful to you.

Market multiple

Investors prefer this approach, as it gives them an entirely decent sign of what the market is willing to for a business. Essentially, the market multiple approaches esteem the business against current acquisitions of comparable businesses in the market.


As the name infers, this approach includes ascertaining the amount it would cost to construct another business simply like it without any preparation. The thought is that a brilliant investor wouldn’t pay more than it would cost to copy. This approach will frequently take a look at the physical assets for deciding their real esteem.

Discounted cash flow (DCF)

For most startups – especially those that have not yet started generating income – the bulk of the value rests on future potential. This approach is an important valuation approach. DCF involves forecasting how much cash flow, the business is going to engender in the future, and then, using an expected rate of investment return, the calculation is made on how much that cash flow is worth. A higher discount rate is typically applied to startups, as there is a higher hazard that the company will inescapably fail to engender viable flows of money.

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