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Lean Validation Model for Startups - StartupGuru

    Lean Validation Model for Startups

    What is lean validation method? Why is it important for early stage startups? What is problem-solution-fit? How is it done? Why founders must not ignore it?

    How to validate your startup idea without spending a fortune in development?

      • Learn the lean validation method for startups for the early problem-solution-fit to avoid making costly mistakes later on.
      • Everybody talks about product-market-fit, MVP development, funding, finding co-founder, hiring team but what 98% of the founders (who eventually fail!) skip in this journey is the first ever validation - finding your problem-solution-fit.
      • It is so crucial and important that skipping, missing or ignoring it will have costly consequences later on, as this simply can't be avoided. And you can't jump this stage as well.
      • So, what is it? how is it carried out? what are the nuances of this lean validation method? We will cover it all in this webinar.

    About the host

    Kunal Pandya

    Chief Guru at StartupGuru, Early Stage Investor, CEO - NCrypted and board member of several of our portfolio companies.


    Date: 14-Aug-2022  / Time: 08:00 PM to  09:00 PM

    Time Zone: Asia/Calcutta

    It’s an archived webinar

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