May 25,2022 May 25,2022
Art of Valuation for Startups - StartupGuru

    Art of Valuation for Startups

    The following points will be covered in this webinar

    The Art & Science behind your Startup Valuation

      • Startup Valuation - Art of Science?
      • Why do you need to have a 'meaningful' valuation?
      • How to determine the value of your startup?
      • Key assumptions you may require
      • Valuation for the purpose of fundraising or sale
      • What is your company’s worth?
      • The other points that influence valuation

    About the host

    Kunal Pandya

    Chief Guru at StartupGuru, Early Stage Investor, CEO - NCrypted, board member in several of our portfolio companies.


    Date: 06-May-2022  /  Time: 07:00 PM / Time Zone: Asia/Kolkata

    To: 06-May-2022  /  Time: 08:00 PM

    It’s an archived webinar

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